Scooter Tour Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Tour
Check out the top 10 Amsterdam Coffeeshops in 1 day.
Included are: The Dampkring, Greenhouse and Mellow Yellow.
Duration of Tour 1 day

Volendam Tour
Imagine yourself one afternoon in the most famous fishing village of the Netherlands. Taste the best Eel, take the ferry to Marken, and finally have your picture taken wearing Volendam national dress (many stars went before you).
Duration of this tour 1 day.

Windmill / Wooden clogs tour
Dutch are known for windmills and wooden shoes. Visit a real (still operating) windmill and a “Wooden Shoe Maker” were you can see a demonstration of the Dutch tradition of clog making. The Wooden Shoe Maker offers the possibility of making your own wooden shoes.
Duration of this tour ˝ day

For the tours there is  a minimum number of people. For more information, contact us via the contact form.

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