To ensure that a scooter is available to you, you should book as early as possible. You can easily do this by using our reservation form.
Ophaal- en retouren

Pickup and Returns
• A scooter can only be returned within our openings hours.
Scooter Rent Amsterdam is open from Monday till Sunday from 10.00 AM – till 17.30 PM
• You will remain liable for the scooter until the vehicle is checked and returned, along with the signature of the corresponding documents for approval, with an employee of Scooter Rent Amsterdam where the scooter was previously retrieved
• The scooter must be returned to the location where it was retrieved.

Rent Period
A scooter that was reserved through phone or online reservation for a minimum of 1 / 2 day rental, a half day
from 10.00 to 17.30 hours (opening to closing). 1 day equals 24 hours.
• You can rent directly at Scooter Rent Amsterdam’s office in Amsterdam.

Compulsory identification
Do not forget to bring the following documents, in the name of the main driver, when you pick up your scooter. Scooter Rent Amsterdam reserves the right to verification of:
• Valid passport or ID card.
To drive a moped of  Scooter Rent Amsterdam the minimum age is 16 years and you must have a national driver’s license or a valid AM driver’s license.
Scooter rentars with an address in the Netherlands must show alternative evidence of residence in the form of a bank statement
, pay slip, copy of a payment of a fixed-line telephone or mobile phone subscription. These documents must not be older than 30 days.
• International rentars need to be in possession of a Credit Card for payment and warranty.

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